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Little River Chiropractic is the car accident treatment expert. If you are in need of car accident rehab, we have the experience and trust you can depend on. Our chiropractic approach to better health is to detect, reduce, and help prevent nervous system disfunction. Here is what will happen when you visit your chiropractor for the first time. You'll be asked to turn and bend, your posture will be checked, your reflexes and muscle strength will be tested, and other orthopedic and neurological tests may be performed. These tests are designed to show if any areas of your spine are causing problems. 

A chiropractor is someone who specializes in treating the ailments of the spine and back muscles. What separates chiropractors from other doctors is the fact that they do not use surgeries or drugs in order to treat their clients.

Chiropractic treatment isn’t the only service offered by such professionals. Many may also perform massage, which is quite effective at managing problems like back pain and stress. Others also find benefit in acupuncture, which involves piercing the body at key points. Though it sounds painful, it is actually both healthy and relaxing.

One of the great benefits of drug free pain management and physical therapy services is that it avoids the unpleasant side effects of many modern medicines. It focuses on helping people in a way that’s entirely holistic and natural.

Those who are searching for a personal injury clinic can find one by getting in touch with us at Little River Chiropractic in Alexandria, VA. For the best Chiropractor in Alexandria, VA call Little River Chiropractic today!

We bill the 3rd party on your behalf, and accept liens from attorneys. We offer year round family plans that are ideal for families with teenagers. Your year round treatment plan is customized based on your personal lifestyle and physical activities. You and your entire family can have unlimited access to chiropractic and physical therapy rehab at a very affordable cost.

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