Car Accident Rehab at Little River Chiropractic

physical therapy servicesMedical professionals in the chiropractic field focus on the back. Many of the treatments are conducted via manual manipulation of the human back. In addition to solving the neuromuscular problems, it can also work as a means of pain management for the back, carpal tunnel treatment, and other areas.

A car accident doctor like the one we have employed at our personal injury clinic will have learned his or her trade at an accredited chiropractic college. The courses are designed to be extremely rigorous for the best education. Because it is a branch of medicine, the car accident doctor must be extremely knowledgeable. The office may also be able to offer other physical rehab services.

If you are looking for help from a chiropractor, you can find it by contacting us at Little River Chiropractic in Alexandria, VA. For the best car accident rehab in the Alexandria, VA area, call Little River Chiropractic today!


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