Physical Therapy Services at Little River Chiropractic

sciatica treatmentMaintaining a high level of physical fitness is vital for any person, but can also be quite challenging. This is particularly so after recuperating from a bad injury from a car accident or long illness. In these situations, you may best be served by physical therapy rehab.

Practices like strength training facilitate the process by which your power is measured and gradually increased through exercises. These exercises are generally tailored to your specific needs. Our auto accident doctors will customize your migraine headaches or sciatica treatment to fit your needs and specific situation.

We are proud to offer quality low back pain relief from a car accident here at Little River Chiropractic in Alexandria, VA. This is a practice that offers a variety of different car accident treatment services for patients, with everything from chiropractic medicine to car accident rehab.

For the best physical therapy services in Alexandria, VA call Little River Chiropractic today!


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